About us

Our company, which mainly serves European markets, has expanded its business activities to the Middle East and also to West Africa.


HANNEVİ TRANSPORTATION FOOD AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE LİMİTED COMPANY is an import and export company that successfully offers a variety of products such as food, automotive industry, logistics and textile to international markets. We pride of our excellence in providing professional and personalized services to our customers around the world in a short time.



To provide effective and efficient service within the framework of national and international legal legislation.

To anticipate customer needs and expectations, to consistently increase customer satisfaction rates and ensure continuity by producing accurate and fast solutions.

Continuous improvement within the scope of the Quality Management System.

To ensure the continuity of acceptance of high quality and cost-effective products in national and international markets.


Мы стремимся предоставлять продукты и услуги на самом высоком уровне. Наша главная цель: Чтобы установить прочные, надежные и устойчивые партнерские отношения с нашими клиентами. В то же время ассортимент нашей продукции постоянно обновляется и расширяется, чтобы предлагать быстрые и эффективные решения для меняющихся требований наших клиентов.


In the short range, to ensure that our customers reach their targets with maximum velocity and minimum cost. In the medium and long range, it is to take the HANNEVİ TRANSPORTATION FOOD AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE LİMİTED COMPANY its place among the best and innovative import and export companies that are preferred in the national and international market with their goods and service quality.

Our Performance

We aim to provide the highest standard of product and service. Our main goal is; To establish a strong, reliable and sustainable partnership with our customers. Therewithal our product range is constantly updated and developed in order to produce fast and effective solutions to the changing demands of our customers.

4 Year Market Experience

Working staff 50+

Transportation Range 9 Country